Day 08 - 10th January

Activities day on site.

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Sleeping beauty

A night in the dining fly after they got swamped by the water leak. I told them to stop the dance party in their tent!!!

Breakfast is served

I am still smiling...even if it is 6.30am.

I love the dirt for my complexion

I don't know about this.

It pays to be stylish

Whoa those bikes are small!!

Fully sic air bro. Just some random.

They are off and racing

Your turn soon guys

Where can I lay this bike down. I think it is tired.

Ready for the NFL

Ah haa!!

Which way do we go now?

Looks like I have my photo for my country and western album cover.


Dig Uncle Tone

Fix that leak guys

Just doing the Jamboree service

Ready for action

This is twisting me up Woody

This is not looking good...

No not the mud!!

Look mum no hands

Run for your life before the water gets you.

The three stooges are inseparable.

Who farted?

Dirty till the end

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